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AutLay Campaign Insights

     Gain actionable insights based on your campaigns

Setting up a print campaign and sending it is only half the battle, because every campaign that is carried out hides valuable learning effects that pay dividends for future campaigns. That's why it's important to follow up a print campaign accordingly and draw conclusions for the next iteration. These can look very different, for example:

  • From an inactivity period of 18 months, the reactivation success drops drastically, future reactivation campaigns will therefore only address customers who have been inactive for a maximum of 18 months

  • Customers above a certain average shopping cart value X convert better than those below it

For future campaigns, this means ineffective contacts can be prevented, sendouts can be reduced overall, and return-on-ad-spend and conversion can be improved. We would be happy to discuss the possibilities of campaign evaluation in your individual context in a short conversation! We offer to check whether your (anonymous) data is suitable for this evaluation without obligation on your side.

What we need from you:

  • Order data (content & turnover of the individual orders)   

  • Number of orders during the active campaign period

  • Anonymous customer data (demograhic data, average shopping-cart value, order frequency, geographical data, time of last order, customer segment...)

     Benchmark your campaign

     Wait for the campaign results

Use AutLay campaign insights

Improve Campaign Performance

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