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Self Service
Programmatic Print

AutLay is designed to allow you to expand your offer with Programmatic print while maintaining focus on daily business – time is a scarce resource and AutLay strives to enable you to set yourself apart without compromising current operations.

Offer self-service programmatic print in less than 120 minutes


Register and configure which media formats you would like to offer and produce and at what prices and conditions.


Invite your customers to our self-service programmatic print SaaS. Use our content to explain the solution in the language of your customers.

Your customer is automatically guided through the solution when registering and configuring their account. They can then start commissioning ad-hoc and trigger-based print campaigns.


Your customers' campaigns (triggered manually or automatically by their CRM system) are automatically sent to you for production.

Case: POCO


Due to the discontinuation of a print mass communication service in Germany, POCO was looking for a way to efficiently implement personalized print communication.



POCO is to be put in a position to manage print campaigns independently and without major coordination efforts.


In order to display relevant content even with a large product range, the solution must allow a high degree of individualization.


While the data for pilot campaigns is to be provided as Excel/CSV, the system needs to have interfaces to CRM systems for operation.


With the AutLay Programmatic Print solution, the Digital Print Group was able to meet these requirements and lay the foundation for joint growth in the realm of customer-centric print communication.

"With the AutLay solution, we can offer our customers a truly intuitive user interface and thus map and fully automate the entire publishing process from their interfaces to our printing systems." - Andreas Röhm, Head of Sales at Digital Print Group

Cross-Selling Mailings with complementary products

About Digital Print Group (DPG)


The Digital Print Group, headquartered in Nuremberg, has been active in the market for more than 20 years and is a pioneer of digital printing. Their offer includes the printing of books, loose-leaf publications, catalogs, technical documentation, magazines, vouchers and many other types of media, as well as print on demand and large-format printing.

Since 2023, the Digital Print Group has also been implementing programmatic printing projects for customers, automating and optimizing print processes to enable faster, more cost-efficient and personalized production of print materials.

More at

About Canon Production Printing (CPP)


The Digital Print Group relies on printing machines from CANON for the economical and smooth implementation of digital printing of the highest quality. CANON's full-color high-performance inkjet printing (HSI) allows the full flexibility of digital printing in economic dimensions that were previously reserved for offset printing.

More at


Cross-Selling Mailings with complementary products

De Maaspoort shows how highly individualized print communication can be implemented with AutLay using a mailing cover for their annual programming magazine.


Half of Maaspoort's ticket sales take place during presale, with the magazine as an important marketing factor. Instead of individualizing the magazine, discouraging exploring and discovery, Maapoort decided to produce a hyperindividual magazine cover, including personal recommendations and memories for each recipient.

Individualised attributes

  1. Personal salutation

  2. Address field

  3. Teaser regarding personal recommendations

  4. Persona

  5. Last rated/attended event (incl. quote)

  6. Relevant events

Discover the possibilities of self-service Programmactic Print with your customers

Your possibilities with AutLay

Get started quickly

  • Minimal investment risk

  • No previous experience necessary

  • No hardware and licenses required


Offer an intuitive solution that covers the entire value chain, from systems to production. No installations or downloads are necessary.

Customer autonomy

Independent handling of the intuitive user interface

  • Minimal coordination

  • No trained personnel needed


Highly individualized print communication, without time-consuming template programming or data preparation, thanks to the integrated layout engine.

Your Customers' possibilities with AutLay

Intuitive web-interface

Set up individualized print campaigns in just a few clicks without any prior knowledge of template programming, data preparation or design.

Embed own designs

Advertisers can set up their own corporate design and use their own campaign designs. Alternatively, they can fall back on the print shop's best practices.

Connectors and Plug-Ins

Data can be used via file upload or standard interface. Plug-ins for common systems integrate print campaigns into your omni-channel strategy.

Customer centricity

The integrated layout engine automates and individualizes the product presentation. This makes customer communication particularly relevant and successful.

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