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Digital Print Group & AutoLay

Make use of your data to activate existing customers or set up smart cross-selling campaigns by the press of a button with AutLay's Programmatic Print technology!

Fully automated layout design including individualization

Template free layouts

No software license required

End-to-end process including handover to
production and shipping

We present two cases in cooperation with Digital Print Group and supported by Canon, showing the strengths of programmatic print as a CRM tool. Combining hyper-individualisation with automation allows users to leverage high response and conversion rates without sacrificing time-to-market or product quality. The solution enables operators to set-up lean campaign processes, while PSP providers profit from the ability to provide Programmatic Print services to their customers.
The cases are based on the

Gain valuable insights on the application of programmatic print in the use cases presented by Digital Print Group and AutLay!

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