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Create, automate and customize print mailings at the push of a button!

Secure one of 25 BETA access to our SaaS tool now and benefit from our limited offer*:

Free onboarding program

Free support for our BETA customers

Up to
350 eurosStart credits, Initial balance**


With AutLay's disruptive technology approach, you can raise theDigitalization of your marketing processesto a new level! Our solution not only helps you with yoursPrint mailing campaigns at the push of a buttonbut also to customize the entire layout creation process of your mailings fully automatically. Without a graphic artist. 100% GDPR compliant. In a fraction of your previous times.

Request free access now without obligation!

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* This page is for informational purposes only. AutLay does not guarantee any errors or any other guarantees regarding the offer and the content.

** The campaign credit can be credited to your first campaign and has a maximum credit of 350 EUR. The starting balance cannot be paid out or offset against other offers. The right to the credit or balance expires after the first campaign.

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