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On the way to becoming
Synonymous with automated design processes

Who we are

AutLay is a disruptive technology company dedicated to the vision of fundamentally changing design processes with the help of artificial intelligence.

At the heart of the start-up, initially developed in 2019, is a technological approach from research that enables us to create fully automatic and highly individual, economical layout products in a fraction of previous throughput times.

As part of the initial development, the company is initially focusing on the market for individual print advertising materials (print mailings) with an independent SaaS solution and further integration levels for marketing automation systems. The team shares an agile mindset, enthusiasm for technology and diverse expertise in the fields of artificial intelligence, marketing automation, retail and consulting.

AutLay -  The international synonym for automated design processes

With the automation of print mailings
AutLay is just at the beginning of a great journey!

We not only want to free companies from lengthy creation processes, but also create completely new application possibilities in layout creation. Wherever layouts have to be created under economic and aesthetic rules, we redefine the rules of media design!

AutLay will make it possible to create advertising material, digital advertisements, documents, presentations, warehouse plans, 3D printing, presentations and many other applications fully automatically. Faster, more flexible, more efficient, more emotional and cheaper than it would ever be possible with designers and manual effort!

Who is behind AutLay?

We are a fast growing technology startup right in the heart of Cologne.

Our team consists of a colorful mix of scientists, technology enthusiasts, marketing experts, business developers and organizational talents! Our culture is characterized by appreciation, professional expertise, innovative entrepreneurship and passion for a common vision!

Professional Entrepreneurs

We are reliable, efficient and professional entrepreneurs who know their trade!

Innovative Technerds

We share the passion for disruptive technologies and constantly monitor the market!

Fair partners

We maintain an appreciative

and open relationship, always in the interest of sustainable partnerships!

Focused service providers

We live agility, focus on the essentials and always look for individual solutions!

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