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Print mailing software

Customer segmentation, different media formats, (own) campaign templates and designs, individual product suggestions and international shipping:
Find out which options the AutLay Printmailing SaaS offers!

Programmatic print:
Context-related and individual

The core task of a customer-centric communication strategy is to be visible to the customer or prospective customer with the right content at the right time. Which content is the "right" content is largely determined by the customer's context and previous interactions and transactions.

Once the relevant content for the customer has been calculated/determined, a solution is required for the automated design of the respective communication format. The AutLay Layout Engine, which is the result of many years of research, automates the design of (print) media and reduces the amount of manual work in the entire process to an absolute minimum.

In this way, innovative communication concepts are implemented with maximum cost efficiency in the context of a customer-centric communication strategy.


Cross-Selling Mailings mit complementary products


Programmatic print
Value Chain

Manual creation of a template

An appropriate template must be created for the presentation of the products, within which automation is to take place.

Definition of placeholders/templates

Placeholders must be programmed on the template in order to obtain a template within whose limits products can be mapped dynamically.

Preparation/processing of the data basis

To ensure that the product data can also be displayed on the programmed template, all data must be prepared accordingly.


Data connection

Time-consuming and cost-intensive manual activities

Data connection

Cost-intensive software licenses

Data connection

Necessary data preparation makes promising communication concepts slow and uneconomical

Layout automation
with AutLay technology

No manual design

You can use your own designs or best practice designs in the AutLay SaaS solution.

No templating

As the design of the product / content areas is completely template-free, no templates need to be programmed.

No data preparation

As the automated design is carried out without placeholders, no product / content data has to be adapted to these placeholders.

Maximum flexibility

The elimination of manual activities not only reduces costs but also enables the implementation of new communication concepts where there is no time for manual activities.

The layout engine is controlled intuitively
is intuitively controlled from the AutLay SaaS!

"With the AutLay solution, we can offer our customers a truly intuitive user interface and thus map and fully automate the entire publishing process from their interfaces to our printing systems."

- Andreas Röhm, Head of Sales, Digital Print Group

Opportunities and advantages for the advertiser

1. Retrieval and preparation of data

Before the layout engine starts designing the advertising material, the necessary data is retrieved from the data sources and external systems. Once the data has been retrieved, it is automatically prepared for further processing. This includes, for example, cutting off white/colored edges on product images or adding prefixes and suffixes to selected product attributes.

Whether via a simple Excel import or fully integrated via the interface to your shop/CRM systems - in just a few steps you make your data available and can get started straight away.

Options of influencing the design/layout

Corporate Design

The AutLay layout engine offers all the options for reproducing the corporate design in detail.This includes, for example, the use of your own fonts and the specification of font colors, weights and much more.

Set layout parameters

If you have a specific idea of what the basic layout should look like (e.g. in the form of several columns), the layout generators can be parameterized accordingly. This allows the best layout to be found that meets the respective requirements.

Weighting evaluation metrics

Is symmetry or optimizing the alignment points of different content more important? As this assessment is subjective and personal preferences (and corporate design guides) vary, all evaluation metrics can be weighted individually.

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Get started now!

Take a look with our guided demo tour of the solution and experience the new simplicity of setting up print mailing campaigns with AutLay. Our team is happy to arrange a free 60-minute demo appointment with you as you wish.

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