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Print mailing software

Customer segmentation, different media formats, (own) campaign templates and designs, individual product suggestions and international shipping:
Find out which options the AutLay Printmailing SaaS offers!


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Don't like a long setup before you can start your marketing campaigns? No problem - with just a few clicks you can provide your data and you're ready to go!

Simply upload your data in Excel or CSV format or - even better, connect your marketing systems (e.g. Shopware or Salesforce) using our standard interfaces. The systems can be connected with just a few clicks - but if you still have questions, we'll be happy to help you with the connection of your data!

Ready to go with a few clicks, thanks to easy data connection!


Use your own designs or
customize our standard templates!

Have you already designed advertising material or used it in the past, but still want to benefit from the automatic design of the product areas and individualization of the advertising material? No problem!

Simply upload your own designs as a PDF in the solution and define the content / areas to be customized (e.g. salutations, voucher codes, product areas). Good to know: You don't need to worry about blocked zones for processing at the post office - they are marked and remain white.
You can then start the fulfillment process immediately!

If you don't have your own mailing designs, you can simply use our best-practice templates and adapt them to your company with just a few clicks.
You can just as easily define your corporate design (fonts, font colors, etc.) in the solution so that all campaigns visually match your ideas.

You can find out more about creating and using templates here:


Print mailings, letters & postcards for all your marketing application scenarios!

Our solution provides you with print mailings, letters and postcards to control all your CRM application scenarios in the best format and with just a few clicks!

Use the letter to address a large number of products that require explanation or benefit from the even faster set-up of the cost-efficient DIN long postcard and advertise a few products in particular. You can find out more about the media formats and their application scenarios here:



Use customer segments to reach different target groups with the right message, suitable visuals and relevant products!

Apart from the choice of media format, it is important to think about potential campaign segments. Segmentation is not only worthwhile to increase performance, but also allows you to benefit from lower unit prices.

Find out more about the segmentation options in the AutLay solution:



Automate the design of the product areas and individualize your print mailings with customer-specific product suggestions!

Our layout engine designs your print mailings fully automatically based on your product data and corporate design. No graphic designers, no templates!

The product presentation is fully automated - even individualized at customer level! Connect your customer, product and recommendation data and the solution does the rest. This way, you are visible with the right content at the right time and benefit from the strong economic effects of a customer-specific approach without any additional effort!

But even if you don't want to communicate (individually) with products, you can get the best out of your print communication with our solution: work with different segments and personalize the advertising material, e.g. with a personal address, a voucher code or a reference to the last purchase.


Take a last look at the mailings and schedule the dispatch!

After you have had a final look at five sample advertising media per segment in the preview, you have already reached the check-out.

All the information about your campaign is clearly displayed here, e.g. what the price is made up of. You can now select your payment method and the dispatch date, and with just a few clicks your campaign is commissioned and in print with our partner. Good to know: The commissioned print campaign is climate-neutral!


Your campaign is underway - now what?

Your commissioned campaign is now underway and is displayed in the campaign overview - by clicking on the campaign, you can always see the current processing status in the detailed view.

As soon as your campaign is completed, e.g. when the voucher code used expires, we recommend a detailed evaluation of the campaign's success. This includes not only calculating the conversion rate and the return-on-ad spend, but also identifying relevant factors influencing the conversion rate: does the campaign performance vary with the recipient's gender, age, average basket value or preferred product category, for example?

Once the campaign has been evaluated, future campaigns can be targeted even more precisely - allowing you to gradually optimize the performance of your mailings. You also benefit from the templates you have already created by minimizing the setup effort for your next campaign!

We are happy to support you in evaluating the success of your print campaign.

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Feedback for AutLay?

If you are missing a functionality or our solution was not as intuitive as you imagined, please send us your feedback!

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