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AutLay for
Print Service Providers

With AutLay for Print Service Providers, you offer your customers an intuitive user interface for ordering programmatic print campaigns - which are trasferred directly and seamlessly to your production. Find out here how easy it is to get started!


Our solution is completely web-based, so you can get started immediately: Register for the AutLay solution as a Print Service Provider. After confirming your e-mail-adress and specifying your company data, you can go ahead with the set-up!




Before allowing your customers to order print campaigns from you, you need to specify a few basics. Set-up the media formats you want to offer, and at what conditions. This includes measurements, paper-type, cutting margins, minimum volumes, and pricing.

Whenever a customer of yours registers using your registration link, their account will be connected with yours. Your customer will then be shown the media formats and conditions you have specified.

You can also manage your general terms and conditions, shipping conditions and your company details (including the billing address) during setup.


Invite customers

Share your personalised registration link with your customers so that they can register for the AutLay solution. As soon as the customer uses your registration link, their account will be linked to your print service provider account.

You can see a list of the customer accounts linked to your print service provider account in the customer overview. You can also manage the customer accounts there. You also have the option of supporting your customers in setting up their campaigns.

Good to know: AutLay provides content (e.g. in the form of videos, slides, knowledge data base, FAQs) that explain how AutLay works in your customer's language. Simply use these documents to introduce AutLay to your customers and make sure that they understand exactly what AutLay has to offer.



Produce you customers' orders

Your customer can easily and autonomously order ad-hoc and trigger-based print campaigns via our intuitive web interface. If they have any questions about using AutLay when setting up a campaign, they can access an extensive knowledge database and our FAQs. If this information does not help, he can reach an AutLay employee via the chatter in the SaaS solution, who will help him further.

After ordering a print campaign, you will receive a notification with the data package, which you can send directly to production.

How does my customer use the AutLay solution?


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Feedback for AutLay?

If you are missing a functionality or our solution was not as intuitive as you imagined, please send us your feedback!

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