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Revolutionize your print marketing with the click of a button!

Activate 100% of your ecommerce customers with automated and individual print mailings.





Deliver the right content
at the right time...

Strong Convision Rates - High ROAS - Increased Sales

Improve the quality of comunication to existing and new customers and profit from:

Improved customer retention

Increased Return-on-ad-Spend

Increased Customer-Lifetime-Value

...and automate communication chains along the customer life cycle

By fully automating the entire process from your data to the finished sendout for your customers, you reduce manual effort and processing times to an absolute minimum.

Case Study:


Thank you for choosing


Combine your product with..!

Personal events

Happy Birthday!


Autumn has begun!


We miss you!


Shopping cart abandonment

Thank you for your trust!

Still undecided?

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Examples of highly individualized CRM print mailings

Cross-selling mailings with complementary products

After purchasing a product, the customer is suggested further relevant products as part of an automated process.

Re-targeting cart abandoners

After an online shop visitor has not checked out their shopping cart, they receive a mailing with the corresponding product, cross-selling and upselling products, and an incentive measure.

Reactivation of inactive customers

After a customer has not made a purchase for a while, they receive an advertising material that reactivates them with highly relevant products (based on the customer's purchase history).

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Your Print mailing campaign in just four easy steps!

Connect product and customer data

Whether via a simple Excel import or fully integrated via the interface to your shop/CRM systems - in just a few steps you make your data available and can get started straight away.

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Satisfied with your printing partner?

Show your partner AutLay for Print Service Providers and benefit from the advantages of AutLay-SaaS together with your printing partner!

System interface


International Shipping


100% GDPR

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Climate neutral

  • What solutions does AutLay offer?
    Our campaign management tool (Software-as-a-Service) enables you to automatically create advertising material in no time at all. If you want to learn more about our solution, you can find here more.
  • Who is the AutLay solution aimed at?
    The AutLay SaaS solution is aimed at advertisers who want to improve their print communication or are looking for an uncomplicated way to supplement their marketing with efficient print advertising. AutLay is also aimed at printing companies, marketing agencies, and other stakeholders in the value chain who can provide their customers with valuable value-added services through AutLay technology.
  • What problems does AuLay solve?
    By automating product display without templates, AutLay addresses a variety of problems. - Advertising materials can be individualized at the push of a button, as it makes no difference to the engine whether, for example, it displays a layout 200,000 times or 200,000 layouts with individual products once. This way you are always visible with the most relevant content. - No double opt-in is necessary when targeting print advertising media, which eliminates a primary problem in digital marketing - Data use and flexibility, which are only known from digital marketing, are combined with the advantages of the print medium. - The process of designing advertising material is significantly simplified and accelerated by the automation and simple structure of the user interface. This enables faster response times and reduces costs, i.e. being visible with relevant content at the right time. - Heterogeneous product data can be easily used in automation and no longer requires preparation, which makes campaigns unprofitable due to its volume. In addition, the end result is also more aesthetic!
  • What makes AutLay different from other companies?
    Conventional layout and marketing solutions usually work with static or dynamic templates in the layout process. However, this always means that product content and customer data cannot be freely placed and integrated. The template-free design with the help of our artificial intelligence breaks this limitation! In this way, the layout sensibly adapts to the content and not the other way around. Achieve a much higher degree of customization and fully automate even the last graphic manipulation! Start now!
  • How much does it cost to create print mailings with AutLay?
    With our pricing model, we offer companies of various sizes ways to use our technology. Whether you only want to create print advertising material once or want to automate your regular CRM communication extensively, our prices are flexible according to your requirements. You should also consider that the AutLay solution makes many of your previous design tools and manual activities obsolete. A calculation model that will certainly be worthwhile for you! Learn more about our pricing here.
  • What are the benefits of AutLay's technology?
    AutLay's technology reduces througput time, set-up cost, and increases campaign performance. Because in addition to the automated control including printing & shipping, you can also use our artificial intelligence to handle the entire creation / layout process of your advertising material at the push of a button. So you only need a few steps to your end product and that completely without graphic designers, expensive agencies or complex planning processes. This accelerates your throughput times to just a few days and relieves your teams! Send us your request now
  • How does the layout creation process work?
    The layout creation of our technology sounds like witchcraft at first, but it is actually very simple: our artificial intelligence takes over the job of your media designer or your agency. On the basis of economic, aesthetic and typographic rules, clever algorithms create the advertising medium fully automatically. Detailed information on how our technology works can be found here.
  • I have a special use case, can AutLay help there too?"
    Basically, the core of our technology is structured in such a way that we can automate any type of advertising material. At the moment we are mainly concentrating on print mailings, but we are already developing catalogues, inserts and postcards. Feel free to contact us and tell us about your exciting use case!
  • What is Programmatic Print?
    The combination of fast, digital printing technologies, intelligent algorithms and database techniques allows the fully individualized output of haptic, high-quality print products. This makes the print channel just as variable, measurable and up-to-date as the digital channels: print becomes programmatic print.
  • Is my customer data protected?
    All of our applications are 100% GDPR compliant. Data protection is very important to us! Our software and the interfaces to third-party systems meet the highest security standards.

Get started now!

See for yourself and take advantage of free access to our software

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Take a look with our guided demo tour of the solution and experience the new simplicity of setting up print mailing campaigns with AutLay. Our team is happy to arrange a free 60-minute demo appointment with you as you wish.


*Our new customer voucher is valid depending on the number of units in your first campaign and can only be redeemed for a batch size of 1,000 or more.
(from 1,000 pieces = €50 discount, from 5,000 pieces = €150 discount, from 25,000 pieces = €500 discount) The code can be redeemed for all media formats (postcard, letter & print mailing).

Please note that our offer is aimed exclusively at entrepreneurs (§14 BGB). This page is for informational purposes only. AutLay does not guarantee any errors or any other guarantees regarding the offer and the content. 

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